Background Checks Keep you from Meeting “The Felon”


To play it safe when dating strangers it is best to do a little homework first and find out as much as you can about the person you are about to meet. A background check keeps you from becoming a victim of foul play.

As a recently divorced woman in 2005, I moved to a new city and state where I only knew one person, I had no contacts for making new friends.  In previous generations couples met mostly through family and friends in their neighborhoods or communities (where everyone knew each other), or at college.  Usually someone knew all about who your latest heart throb was unless they were new in town.

In our more mobile society we don’t live where we grew up.  Now we meet potential dates at work, introduced by a friend, entertainment venues, church, clubs/organizations or the most recent dating place – Internet matchmaking.  Since we don’t ask for “references” on our dates we need to be careful (wise) in who we let into our hearts.  I joined a well-known adult singles club, the members were supposed to be “vouched for” by at least two other members.  I met a man who had been in the area during the winters for a number of years, he was attractive and a good dancer so he was very popular with the ladies.  He asked me out; we had a nice evening and talked about another date.  Being the techie that I am, I Googled him so I could learn more about some of his interests and be able to discuss them (hopefully intelligently), was I surprised when up popped his criminal record (white collar crime) from another state.  True, he had paid restitution and his debt to society, but what if it had been a violent crime?  In retrospect something he said during our date must have set off an alarm to make me Google him, as I had never checked other dates before.  It is good to trust your instincts, listening to that little voice.

After my encounter with “The Felon” I started thinking that perhaps I should be a little more cautious in going on dates, when I told them where I lived, or invited them into my home.  It was not in my nature to be suspicious but as they say an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  I started talking to other “singles” and they had similar concerns so CheckOutADate.com was born, providing different levels of Background Checks for different levels of romantic involvements.

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